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International and Mobile Telecommunications Innovations.

Orate International & Mobile Telecommunications Innovations

Software available for private label use: transfer money from mobile to mobile. It doesn't matter which make or model of handset, it can even be a landline. The software works regardless of the phone's operating system or even which country the send and recipient are in. See the "Mobile Money" link to the left, to learn more.

Orate UK Phone Numbers & Virtual Switchboard

Want one or more UK phone numbers which you can answer ANYWHERE? They can come complete with a virtual switchboard, voice mail, phone answering, and a whole load of features such as "hunt groups" - where a call is forwarded to several of your team members, and the first one to answer picks up the call. You can be working from home, out on your mobile, or even abroad, and your calls get right through to you. Click here to choose your UK Phone Number